10 amazing skincare hacks

Smooth, glowing skin is the bedrock of a beautiful appearance. We assume you know the basics – cleanse, moisturize, etc. – but you probably don’t know about these cool skincare hacks. Each of these innovative tricks will up your beauty routine to a new level.

Try a homemade cucumber-sugar scrub:  This power scrub soothes your skin while buffing away any dead skin. The end result? A soft, radiant face. Get the recipe at Barefoot Blonde.

Hack #1: Try a homemade cucumber-sugar scrub

Say yes to retinol: This potent ingredient battles all forms of skin problems like nothing else. “Topical retinoids have been shown to improve the skin’s texture and the appearance of fine lines,” dermatologist Dr. Ariel Ostad told Elle. For best results, go for a prescription-strength treatment like Retin-A. Just be extra-careful about sun protection – retinol makes you more susceptible to sun damage.

Battle blemishes with a homemade mask: A mixture of tea tree oil and honey fights pimples while hydrating your skin. Get our original recipe here.

Homemade tea tree oil and honey mask

Apply more sunscreen than you think you need: Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Garner told Prevention magazine that she squeezes about a teaspoon of sunscreen into the hollow of her palm, and then uses that amount to cover her face, ears and neck. We know that seems like a ton of sunscreen, but that’s what it takes to keep you protected from the sun’s aging (and cancerous) rays. Pro tip: Try applying it in two coats, rather than all at once.

Wash your face with raw honey: Unpasteurized honey has probiotic and antibacterial properties that banish breakouts, according to nutritional therapy practitioner Lauren Geertson. Plus, it’s super gentle, so great for sensitive skin. If real honey sounds too sticky, you can try a cleanser that contains the sweet stuff, like Michael Todd’s Honey and Oat Gentle Daily Cleanser.

Michael Todd Honey and Oat Cleanser

Wrinkle-reducing stickers are no joke: “Wrinkle patches,” which stick to your skin while you sleep to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, have been around since the late 19th century. But the new wrinkle patches are way more than just stickers. Patches like the Rodan + Fields Acute Care Patch are dosed with peptides and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid. The pressure of the patch pushes the active ingredients into your skin, creating a plumping effect.

This overnight patch reduces the appearance of wrinkles

Cover your face in Vaseline to sleep: We know this one sounds WEIRD! Like, you’re probably thinking it’s just asking for a face full of zits. But the molecules in petroleum jelly are too big to clog your pores, rather they sit on top of your skin and trap moisture in. Women who do this rave that their skin is softer and more glowing than ever before. A fraction of people will react badly to this, though, so be sure to test it on a tiny patch of skin for one night before diving in headfirst.

Try a sheet mask: If you haven’t tried this innovative form of face mask yet, you absolutely must. Unlike a liquid mask you apply to your skin, these masks are a face-sized sheet of thin fabric or paper soaked in a serum of skin-boosting ingredients. They’ve been popular in Asia for ages, and now brands like Sephora are getting in on the game. You may look like a serial killer while you have the mask on, but after you take it off, you’ll look totally refreshed. Most sheet masks are so gentle that you can use one every day (in between cleansing and moisturizing).

Hack #7: Try a sheet mask

Blast zits and hydrate your skin with a DIY exfoliating scrub: This multi-tasking, pimple-fighting scrub is made from tea tree oil, coconut oil, water and Epsom salt. It exfoliates while moisturizing your skin and obliterating pimples.

DIY exfoliating scrub

Clean your phone regularly: Whether you know it or not, your phone’s covered in dirt and bacteria. When you put it to your cheek, it’s a recipe for zits along your jaw line. Store some antibacterial wipes in your purse so you can wipe down your phone’s screen on the regular. Or just talk on your phone using headphones. While you’re at it, be sure and wash your pillowcase once a week so you can have sweet dreams and stay acne-free.

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