10 easy face mask recipes

You totally don’t need to spend tons of cash on expensive products to have great skin. In fact, you don’t need to buy any skincare products at all! Most of these easy face mask recipes can be made entirely from items you already have in your kitchen.

But before we get to the masks, a quick warning. A ton of DIY face masks out there recommend using lemon juice, an ingredient you should NEVER put on your face! Lemon juice can create a mild chemical burn, potentially leading to eventual hyperpigmentation and messing with your skin’s acid mantle. The TL;DR version is that while it is actually effective at reducing acne, it does more harm than good in the long term.

Anyway, enjoy these fun (lemon-free) masks! Send us pictures of yourself with your mask on for a chance to be featured on our blog.

The Two-Ingredient Natural Blackhead Cure (via Prototype Mama):

10 easy DIY face masks

All it takes is a little bit of baking soda and organic honey to make a mask that’ll banish stubborn blackheads.

The Mask That Smells Like a Dessert (via Barefoot Blonde): 

10 easy DIY face masks

We saw some version of this nutmeg, honey and cinnamon mask on a couple of websites, and while its popularity’s probably due to its effectiveness, we can help but think that the fact that it smells totally delicious has something to do with it too.

The Cucumber and Yogurt Hydrator (via Be Youthful):

This three-ingredient mask (the third ingredient’s milk powder) hydrates and nourishes your skin. Plus, cucumbers are full of vitamins A, B and C – a veritable alphabet of skin health!

The Oil-Busting Peel-Off Mask (via Beauty Diva India):

This mask removes blackheads, tightens your pores and keeps oiliness in check. Plus, peel-off masks are super fun!

The Petal-Soft Mask (via S/CH):

10 easy DIY face masks

This 100% natural mask will leave your skin incredibly soft. Plus it’s delicious, so no worries about accidentally getting some in your mouth.

The Aspirin Mask (via Hairspray and High Heels):

Who knew that Aspirin could make you more beautiful? This double-whammy works on skin that’s both dry and acne-prone.

The Clay Mask for Beginners (via Homestead Anywhere):

10 easy DIY face masks

Clay masks can be super potent and effective. If you’re new to making your own, you’ll love this foolproof recipe.

The Intense Hydrating and Firming Mask (via Beautylish):

Developed by top dermatologist Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, this mask will give any skin a glow, but it’s especially potent on aging skin – even seriously aging skin. “I have a 93-year-old patient with incredible skin who uses this mask,” Dr. Ciraldo says.

The Affordable Glamglow Knock-Off (via My New Addiction):

10 easy homemade face masks

Glamglow Supermud is constantly raved about by fashion insiders, but at $76 for 1.2 oz, it’s pretty pricey. This blogger’s developed a winning formula that produces similar effects for a way cheaper price.

The Easiest Mask Ever (via Hairspray and High Heels):

This blogger swears by her pore-tightening yogurt mask, which consists of just one ingredient – yogurt! Perfect for those lazy days when you want to treat your skin to some nourishment but even whipping up a simple mask feels like too much effort.

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