10 easy hairstyles for the office

Sometimes it seems so unfair that we can’t just roll up to the office with bare faces and messy ponytails. But like it or not, the way that you groom yourself has a big impact on the impression you make in the workplace. Like natural makeup and appropriate clothing, tidy hair can show your coworkers (and more importantly, your boss) that you’ve got your act together.

However, no one wants to wake up at the crack of dawn each day to blow out their hair. We’re grateful for these 10 easy hairstyles for the office that can be done either quickly or mindlessly (sometimes both) and make you look like a total boss.

Lived-In Waves (via The Small Things Blog):

10 easy office hairstyles - Lived-in Waves

What girl doesn’t crave a head full of soft, gentle curls? This tutorial is so easy and the results are so pretty! Blogger Kate reveals some great secrets for achieving the wavy look, such as keeping the curls at the front of your head looser than the rest.

A Soft Updo for Short Hair (via Twist Me Pretty):

10 easy office hairstyles - A Soft Updo for Short Hair

The term “updo” might conjure up mental images of overwrought prom hairstyles, but this is really just an elegant way of keeping your hair out of your face. Think of it as a “ponytail plus.”

The Ballerina Bun (via The Freckled Fox):

10 easy office hairstyles - The Ballerina Bun

Sock buns are great, but sometimes a girl needs to change things up! This classic ballerina bun is just as easy, and will have you looking so polished that you might just be offered a promotion!

The Straightener Curl (via Barefoot Blonde):

10 easy office hairstyles - The Straightener Curl

No curling iron necessary! If you have a lot of hair, this isn’t going to be a five-minute hairstyle, but once you master it, you’ll be able to do it while eating breakfast, catching up on TV, yelling at your kids to wake up…whatever your morning routine may be.

The Triple Braid (via Hair Romance):

10 easy office hairstyles - The Triple Braid

This innovative hairstyle just might be the easiest one on the list. You’re just sectioning your hair into three braids and then braiding them together – so simple!

Low Rolled Updo (via LuLu*s):

10 easy office hairstyles - Low Rolled Updo

You’ll look so poised with this elegant updo that your boss might give you a raise. Think of this easy hairstyle as a prettier alternative to the classic low librarian-bun.

Half-Up High Ponytail (via Missy Sue):

10 easy hairstyles for the office - Half-Up High Ponytail

This pretty style flatters any face shape. It’s a great way to wear your hair down while still keeping it off of your face.

Sleek Vixen Hair (via Makeup.com):

10 easy hairstyles for the office - Sleek Vixen Hair

Don’t worry – even though this hairstyle has “vixen” in its name, it’s still totally office-appropriate. You’re basically creating a similar look to a French braid, no braiding required!

Textured French Twist (via Twist Me Pretty):

10 easy hairstyles for the office - Textured French Twist

Keeping this vintage-inspired hairstyle a little bit textured saves it from looking too fussy. This is another great ponytail alternative.

Soft Side French Braid (via The Small Things Blog): 

10 easy hairstyles for the office - Soft Side French Braid

If you can French braid, you can do this easy style. It’s tousled enough that it doesn’t look too severe, but you’ll still look pulled-together enough to create a great impression at work.

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