10 easy half-up hairstyles

We <3 half-ups! They’re such an easy way to keep your hair out of your face when you’re at work or chasing after your kids, while still allowing you to show off your luscious locks. And there really is a half-up hairstyle out there for everyone, from the edgy rocker to the sweet girly-girl. Once you master these 10 easy half-up hairstyles, you’ll be able to do them super quickly and effortlessly.

The Half Crown Braid (via The Freckled Fox):

10 Easy Half-Up Hairstyles: The Half Crown Braid

This romantic hairstyle may look high-maintenance, but it’s totally not. The braiding is extremely easy, so you have time to add romantic curls with a curling iron.

Easy Half-Up Twist (via Twist Me Pretty):

Easy Half-Up Twist (via Twist Me Pretty)

Can’t braid? No problem! This effortless hairstyle uses twists, not braids, making it so easy that anyone could do it. And because it can be done in four minutes flat, it’s perfect for looking pulled-together on one of those days when you slept in and have to get ready in 15 minutes.

Retro Half-Up (via Barefoot Blonde):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Retro Half-Up

This 1940s-inspired style will make you look like a retro pinup girl. A lot of vintage-inspired hairstyles can be labour-intensive, but this one, focusing on a single pin-curl, is a total breeze.

The Waterfall Half-Twist (via Hair Romance):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - The Waterfall Half-Twist

Waterfall braids can be tricky (although they’re easy once you master them) but this waterfall twist is a cinch!

Brigitte Bardot Half Updo (via Missy Sue):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Brigitte Bardot Half Updo

If you can use a curling iron, you can do this classic half-up style. Like its namesake, it’s equal parts good-girl and sexpot.

Twisted Pull-Back (via Twist Me Pretty):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Twisted Pull-Back

This romantic style inspired by the teen soap Reign is dramatic enough to turn heads but low-key enough to wear for day. It’s a little bit boho, meaning it would look great with our Greta Dress in Pink.

Short Stack (via The Beauty Department):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Short Stack

Ladies with bobs, this one’s for you. This versatile style for shorter hair can be worn messy or sleek.

Bohemian Festival Knot Braid (via A Beautiful Mess):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Bohemian Festival Knot Braid

If you can do a fishtail braid (all it takes is a little bit of practice), you can do this hairstyle in a jiff. The best part about this look is that it works on a variety of hair lengths.

Faux Shave Dutch Braid (via Missy Sue):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Faux Shave Dutch Braid

Love the edgy look of half-shaved heads but not ready to commit to the growing-out process? Fake it with this trendy braided style! Up the tough-girl quotient with our Michelle Jacket in Black.

Hunger Games Bow Braid (via Twist Me Pretty):

10 easy half-up hairstyles - Hunger Games Bow Braid

This sweet style is straight from the silver screen. This one takes a bit of effort to master, but the results are so worth it.


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