10 great homemade hair treatments

We love rounding up fun hairstyle tutorials, but it can be hard to feel beautiful in even the most intricate hairstyle when your mane is dry, full of buildup or covered in dandruff. Luckily, these DIY homemade hair treatments are just as potent as any break-the-bank salon solution, and they’re all super easy to make at home!

Build-Up Remover (via Maskcara):

Ultimate build-up removerNothing can drag your ’do down quite like excess product buildup. This simple residue-removing mask has only two ingredients – and one of them’s water!

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment (via The Beetique):

Coconut oil hair treatmentIs there anything coconut oil can’t do? You can add “mending split ends” to the list of this wonder product’s super powers.

Scalp Saver (via The Beauty Department):

Scalp-saving treatmentThis mask has the double-whammy effect of conditioning your hair and adding moisture to your scalp.

Strawberry Deep-Conditioning Mask (via Hairspray and High Heels): 

DIY strawberry hair maskThis gorgeous pink mask will keep your hair shiny and smooth, without weighing down your strands.

DIY Gelatin Protein Treatment (via Naturally Curly):

DIY Gelatin Protein Treatment

This special, protein-packed hair treatment coats your hair shaft, repairing damage.

DIY Hair Detox (via One Good Thing by Jillee):

DIY hair detoxThis super easy shampoo treatment removes oil, dirt and product build-up, leaving your hair super shiny.

Bentonite Clay Hair Treatment (via Natural Hair Rules):

DIY bentonite clay hair treatmentThis intense clarifying treatment is especially great for natural hair. Make your curls pop!

Rosemary and Mint Hair Oil (via Little Green Dot):

Rosemary and Mint Hair OilNourish your hair! Rosemary has antioxidant properties, while mint helps block excess oil production.

PH-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner (via Black Black and Beautiful):

PH-Balanced Leave-In Conditioner This intense leave-in conditioner is perfect for dry or damaged hair.

Ginger Root Scalp Spritzer (via Good Housekeeping):

Ginger Root Scalp Spritzer Did you know that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties? Spritz your scalp with this spicy concoction and kiss dandruff goodbye.

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