10 inspiring fall date night outfits

10 inspiring fall date night outfits

Dressing for date night in the summer is so simple – throw on a sundress and a cute pair of heels and you’re done. In fall, it’s a bit trickier. You want to look cute but still seasonally appropriate. Whether your sense of style is casual and chill or full-on glamorous, one of the fall date night outfits below is perfect for you!

An A-line dress and a moto jacket (via Gal Meets Glam):

A classic motorcycle jacket adds some edge to a ladylike dress.

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A long-sleeved dress and black, opaque tights (via InStyle):

Long-sleeved dresses are so elegant, and black tights are a fall staple. If you pair them with black shoes, your legs will look a mile long!

A lace blouse and matching pencil skirt (via Song of Style):

Va va voom! This look is incredibly seductive. Long sleeves and a knee-length hemline keep this outfit looking elegant.

A men’s shirt, normcore jeans and wild heels (via Flare):

There’s just something sexy about a girl in a guy’s shirt. This laidback outfit shows that you’re not high-maintenance, while the playful shoes show off your personality.

A skort, turtleneck and oversized cardigan (via Random Acts of Pastel):

Yes, that’s a skort in the picture. But any miniskirt would work just as well! You can show a lot of leg and still look classy when you’re this covered-up from the neck up.

An oversized top and a pencil skirt in the same shade (via Stevie Henderson):

How did we never think of this styling hack before? A pencil skirt can sometimes look overly prim and formal, but a low-key, flowy top keeps it looking laidback.

A long-sleeved boho dress and knee-high boots (via Flare):

Flowy, boho dresses are this season’s hottest look, and they work especially great with tall boots.

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An LBD and sheer, printed tights (via InStyle):

This look puts a spotlight on your legs and makes them look amazing! High-heeled booties amp up this effect.

Beat-up boyfriend jeans, a leather jacket and high heels (via SS Life + Style):

Because it makes sense that you should wear your boyfriend jeans to see your boyfriend! This edgy-girl outfit is perfect for a casual date.

A textured mini, cropped sweater, ankle socks and open-toed heels (via Flare):

Not only is this look flattering, but it’s a total nineties flashback. Perfect for going to see an old movie in theatres!

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