10 preppy hairstyles for fall

10 preppy hairstyles for fall

There’s something about fall that just screams preppy. Maybe it’s the vague sense of back-to-school instilled even in those of us who’ve been out of school for years. If summer’s the season for boho looks, come fall we just want to don cable-knit sweaters and wellies, and walk around with an armful of books.

These preppy hairstyles will complement your collegiate attire this season:

Lace Headband Braid (via Missy Sue):

Lace Headband Braid

Headbands have been a preppy staple since basically forever. Put your own twist on the look by creating a headband using your own hair!

Plaid Half-Up (via Twist Me Pretty):

Plaid Half-Up

This perky style is probably the easiest on this list, plus the addition of a plaid wire wrap makes it look super cool.

The Waterfall Ponytail (via The Freckled Fox):

The Waterfall Ponytail

No hairstyle is quite as preppy as a polished pony. Positioned high on your head, with plenty of volume, this one has extra pep.

Braided Headband Updo (via Missy Sue):

Braided Headband Updo

This is the perfect style for keeping your hair off of your face while you’re playing field hockey, lacrosse, or another preppy sport.

Easy Back-to-School Hairstyle (via Twist Me Pretty):

Easy Back-to-School Hairstyle

This gorgeous hairstyle is simple and elegant in the front, playful in the back.

Easy Half-Up Twist (via Hair Romance):

Easy Half-Up Twist

This style is about as relaxed as preppy hair gets. It’s still pulled together, but at the same time it’s loose and romantic.

Twisted Ponytail (via Twist Me Pretty):

Twisted Ponytail

This pretty pony looks even preppier when you tie it off with a scrunchie or hair ribbon!

Braid-Wrapped Criss-Cross Ponytail:

Braid-Wrapped Criss-Cross Ponytail

This style’s a little bit complicated, but it’s worth it for how polished it looks. This is the ultimate hairstyle to wear for asking your boss for a raise (or your prof for an extension)! ;)

The Twist Braid Updo (via Hair Romance):

The Twist Braid Updo

This is the perfect preppy hairstyle for a formal event. It’s neat and polished without being boring.

Triple French Braid Double Waterfall Ponytail (via Missy Sue):

Triple French Braid Double Waterfall Ponytail

This style is super youthful and fun, perfect for the younger prep.

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