10 wedding makeup tutorials

10 wedding makeup tutorials

Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid or simply a guest looking to attract the attention of the cute best man, you want to look good when you go to a wedding. Cameras will be everywhere, and you know these pictures are going to live on in photo albums (or at least on Instagram) forever. Weddings are such a great opportunity to try out spring and summer makeup trends, and they’re also a chance to perfect some simple application techniques that you haven’t yet mastered.

These wedding makeup tutorials will make you the belle of the ball – but watch out if you’re just a guest; you might outshine the bride!

Bright Lip Trick for Thinner Lips (via The Beauty Department):

Bright lip trick for thinner lips

If there’s one occasion in life that’s perfect for fabulous, dramatic lipstick, it’s weddings. But a lot of thin-lipped girls get insecure when it comes to wearing a bold lip. This two-minute trick makes your lips look larger, providing the perfect base for any bright shade.

The Blurred Lip (via Byrdie):

The blurred lip

Maybe a plain red lip isn’t your thing. This fun, youthful trend is straight from the runways and already huge in Korea (which is, like, the beauty capital of the world).

A Totally NOT Boring Brown Eye-Makeup Tutorial (via Makeup.com):

A totally NOT boring brown eye makeup tutorial

This chestnut-hued take on the classic smokey eye effortlessly goes from day to night. It looks as great at the church ceremony at 10 in the morning as it does on the dance floor at midnight.

How to Apply False Lashes (via Beautyish):

How to apply false lashes

Weddings are for going all out and embracing glamorous makeup looks, making them the perfect occasion for false eyelashes. However, those buggers can be tricky to put on. This tutorial gives us hope that we can finally master false-lash application.

How to Make Your Foundation Last All Day (via Cosmopolitan):

How to make your foundation last all day

Weddings can be long events, stretching from the ceremony in the morning or early afternoon until the dance floor finally clears out late at night. No one wants to spend a wedding ducking into the bathroom every five minutes to adjust their makeup, least of all the bride. This simple tutorial will keep your foundation firmly in place.

How to Draw a Perfect Cat Eye…Every Time (The Beauty Department):

How to draw a perfect cat eye ... every time

Cat eyes are the perfect eye makeup look for formal occasions. They’re a classic style with a little flare. This tutorial will help you master them in a few simple steps.

How to Wear Pastel Eyeline (via Makeup.com):

How to wear pastel eyeliner

Pastel eyeliner is one of our favourite spring 2015 beauty trends, and we think it’s perfect for the unconventional bride or quirky wedding guest. It’s a fresh, summery look in the way that a darker eye is not, and it’ll photograph beautifully.

How to Highlight and Contour (via The Wonder Forest):

How to highlight and contour

Highlighting and contouring are so hot right now, and these face-reshaping techniques are a must if you’re going to be photographed. This tutorial is one of the most simple and straightforward that we’ve seen.

Brittany Snow Premiere Look (via The Beauty Department):

Brittany Snow premiere look

This tutorial is so cool, because it’s written by the makeup artist who actually did Brittany Snow’s makeup! She gives insider tips on creating eyes that are simultaneously manga-huge and piercing.

Spring-Summer Trend Tutorial: Country Rose (via Makeup.com):

Spring-Summer Trend Tutorial: Country Rose

This fresh look would be perfection at an outdoor wedding. It’s youthful and fairly natural looking while still being incredibly beautiful.

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