4 super easy DIY Halloween costumes

So Halloween is coming up fast. You don’t want to spend tons of cash on a cheaply made store-bought costume you’ll never wear again, or learn a complicated new makeup technique. You want a costume you can assemble out of new clothes you’ll actually want to wear again, things you already own and a few cheap accessories that you can find at any costume shop. You’re in luck. These easy DIY Halloween costumes require no skill and very little cash, with the most expensive components being high-quality, fashionable clothes that you’ll wear again and again.


Pink Martini Sweet Caroline Skirt in Dark Grey

Our Sweet Caroline Skirt in Dark Grey makes the perfect base for a schoolgirl costume. Pair this flattering mini with a button-down shirt, over-the-knee socks and pigtails. Bam: costume done!


Pink Martini Collection Rhiannon Dress in Butterfly Light Beige

Sure, you could just wear some store-bought wings with your regular clothes, but pairing them with a butterfly-printed dress really takes this simple costume to the next level.


Pink Martini Voulez-Vous Jacket in Black/Silver

What good’s a cat costume without a little bit of fur? A subtly fuzzy topper like our Voulez-Vous Jacket adds authenticity to your feline look, and will look just as great with normal clothes at the bar in November. Rock it over a black dress with a pair of store-bought ears and some eyeliner whiskers and you’re good to go.


Pink Martini Collection Tide is High Dress in White

This is the easiest costume on the list, and it’s super adorable. All you need is an adorable nautical dress like our Tide is High Dress and a cheapo sailor hat, which you can probably even find in the costume section of your local dollar store. Draw an anchor tattoo on your arm for bonus points.

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