5 Things to Get Rid of This Spring

Spring has sprung and that means out with the old and in with the new! Let the organizing begin with a little decluttering of the following items:

1. Old clothing!

Ok, yes, obviously… but we didn’t buy Marie Kondo’s book to get the perfect minimalist closet for nothing! Store your off-season items but chuck or donate what you don’t love. Ask yourself these questions to help you purge: Have you worn it in the last two years? Does it fit? Is it a timeless piece that will never go out of style? Is there any reason you avoid wearing it? Are you keeping it simply because it still has a tag on it?If you’re hesitant to toss something because it’s “still practically new,” ease your guilt:
Give it to someone you know or donate it to a women and children’s shelter. You’ll know for sure it’s getting a loving home! Try selling it on Poshmark or eBay if you have the patience. Donate to a consignment store that recycles everything they don’t sell. The profits usually go to a good cause and you’ll feel good about going green!

2. Incomplete sets and worn out linen items.

Think thinning bedding, faded towels, dish cloths, cloth napkins, gloves and socks without mates or that have holes in them, sun damaged patio cushions, and frayed bathroom rugs. Spring is a great excuse to replace those with some bright and cheery new ones!

3. Clean out your junk drawers.

You might have several “catch-all” drawers or even entire closets around your home that you procrastinate going through because they’re a mess. It’s time to be brave and take control! This extends to tired home décor, crafting supplies, and toiletries. Throw out items like dried up pens, old rubber bands, receipts, miscellaneous business cards, and that extra package of nuts and bolts from the Ikea dresser you bought a few years ago.

4. Extra wires and cords.

You know that cable that’s been collecting dust in the credenza drawer for five years and is still in the plastic it came in? Do you know where it goes to? Did you totally forget about it because you tossed the appliance it went to? Yep, time to pitch.

5. Old cleaning products, chemicals, and other toxic household supplies.

This stuff can be a health and safety hazard down the road. That crusty old gallon of paint in the garage needs to go. You can usually recycle them at local hardware stores, but if not, they’ll know where you can take it. Get rid of old household cleaners, bug sprays, and weed killers that have been sitting under the sink forever. Don’t dump it down the drain or in the trash; find a hazardous waste recycler in your area.

Decluttering is an excellent way to not only freshen up your living space but detoxify your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you haven’t used something in over two years, completely forgot you had it, or have been telling yourself you “might need it someday,” it’s time to let it go! Happy purging!


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