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The Art of Layering

Spring has come! Yet, the unpredictability of the weather makes us question the appropriate outfit for

THE EDIT | Favourite’s for this week.

I’m not usually one for a preppy style, but this dress has so many unique details

The Summer Girls of Pink Martini

Meet the summer girls of Pink Martini! Moonlight Dancer, Empire Rose, Dream Hunter, and Star Gazer

DIY Raspberry Lemon Body Scrub

We want that healthy glow for the summertime, so here’s a DIY Raspberry Lemon Body Scrub

Best of Music and Fashion at Coachella

The festival to kick off all music festivals just wrapped up its first weekend on Sunday.

DIY Henna

Henna is an awesome way to show your creativity this spring/summer. It gives you the freedom

Our Style Muse

With full on spring around the corner and music festival season starting soon, we thought we

5 Ways to Style our Spring Pieces

Ever stand in front of your closet just begging an outfit to jump out at you?!

Toronto Vintage Show

On Sunday, I felt inspired as I walked into the Metro Convention Centre to check out

Look Out It’s Spring

In honor of the change in seasons, it’s time to discuss trends! Spring is all about the transition

Our Favourite Hair Trends For Spring

When Spring slowly creeps it’s way in after the long cold months, I feel like I

Top “10 Must Haves” For Coachella

Preparing your festival fashion is exciting but sometimes difficult (especially when you’re packing). I sometimes tend



5 Bloggers You Should Know

One of my new year’s resolutions was to get inspired more.. However, inspirations don’t make it’s

Blogger Diaries: Jocelyn

We had the chance to chat up with one of our blogger muses Jocelyn from The