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10 easy five-minute hairstyles

You awake slightly dazed from your slumber, yawn, and catch a glimpse of the clock. Suddenly, you

Pink Martini Collection with LuLu*s

Pink Martini Collection with LuLu*s this month is front row advertised on the LuLu*s website and

Pink Martini Collection goes Trick or Treating

Pink Martini Collection goes trick or treating and the tradition of dressing up for Halloween. The

Pink Martini Collection Travel ; Destination 3

Pink Martini Collection wants to share our thoughts of why you should at least once visit the

Pink Martini Collection colours your world

    Pink Martini Collection colours your world and shares their top favourite nail polishes for this

Pink Martini Fashion Blogger News…….

Back to School Style! Showing off our new arrivals dress from our Fall 2014 Collection, her fashion

Pink Martini Showroom – Vintage wood

I always get inspired by old vintage wood pieces . I just love it  ! Its

DIY Flower Crown

We are in the heart of the summer season now and I know you are heading

DIY Watermelon Granita

Summer picnics are undeniably one of the best parts about the season. Packing up your favourite

DIY Amazing Blemish & Pimple Scrub

Face scrubs can generally strip the natural oils in your skin leaving your skin dry (and

DIY Hair Chalk

PINK, GREEN, BLUE, LAVENDER HAIR! We’ve seen it all over the fashion scene…we’ve seen it all

DIY | Coffee Scrub

  High on antioxidiants this anti inflammatory scrub, will boost your radiance, and blood flow in

DIY Raspberry Lemon Body Scrub

We want that healthy glow for the summertime, so here’s a DIY Raspberry Lemon Body Scrub

Best of Music and Fashion at Coachella

The festival to kick off all music festivals just wrapped up its first weekend on Sunday.

DIY Henna

Henna is an awesome way to show your creativity this spring/summer. It gives you the freedom