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Lana Del Rey
Who’s that girl?










whether it’s the arts, fashion, music or acting. There is always something or should I say…..SOMEONE who catches our attention and is just ohhhh so inspiring. When it comes to vintage inspired clothing, there are the few celebrities who inspire this look and wear it trendy and modern. A good example of this topic is Lana Del Rey who embraces the look of vintage inspired style and fashion. She is the change of pop culture style and who broke the rules of our  mainstream hollywood cookie cutter celebrity. She has a typical vintage hipster look that she embraces in entertainment & media til this day. She insists that her look hasn’t been influenced by any female style icons in the past. She loves to wear things that are most definitely comfortable, like a pair of pants/jeans with a cool vintage looking shirt.

Would you ever consider wearing her amazing style?

Why not!

Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey



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