DIY Lightbulb Terrariums

via ecosalon

My roommate brought home a little plant in a lightbulb and it automatically gave me an idea to do a post to show you how you can make your own little lightbulb terrarium.

  • Pliers/Tweezer
  • Transparent Light Bulb
  • Silicon Bumpers
  • Air Plant
  • Stones/Gems

Via weddingobsession

Make sure to be careful when plying off the metal tip. If you need to wear gloves it’s probably safe than sorry. The second part requires to break the black glass. You may need some strength for this part so be very cautious when doing this. ┬áTry and get all the little glass bits out and then you can carefully place in your choice of stones/gems and air plant. Lastly don’t forget to add your silicon bumpers!


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