Fashion Blogger Q&A: Janis Galloway of Dress Me Dearly

Fashion Blogger Q&A: Janis Galloway of Dress Me Dearly

Janis Galloway’s blog, Dress Me Dearly, is the intersection of two of her passions: the fashion world and her city, Edmonton. In addition to posting pictures of her quirky personal style, she also extensively covers Edmonton’s fashion events and profiles local style innovators. We chatted with Janis about blogging and what inspires her style.

 Janis Galloway of Dress Me DearlyPink Martini: What made you decide to start a blog?
Janis Galloway: I launched Dress Me Dearly in 2009 when fashion blogs started to become a “thing”. I have always loved fashion and been a go-to person for fashion advice amongst friends and family, so thought a blog would be a fun creative outlet for sharing my favourite fashion finds. It started out as a hobby; I really had no intention of it becoming a business.

Janis Galloway of Dress Me DearlyPM: What would you say sets your blog apart from the rest?
JG: I carved out a niche for myself by focusing on the Edmonton fashion scene. When I launched my blog I was literally the only style blogger profiling Edmonton designers, independent boutiques, models, and more. Instead of just posting photos of myself I used Dress Me Dearly as a platform to spotlight my community.

Janis Galloway of Dress Me Dearly

PM:  What advice do you have for aspiring fashion bloggers?
JG: Find your niche. Ask yourself what you can offer the blogosphere that isn’t already out there. Or how can you do it better than someone else? Don’t be a carbon copy of the millions of other fashion blogs. Do something sincere, authentic and creative that doesn’t just regurgitate other people’s content.

Janis Galloway of Dress Me DearlyPM:  How would you describe your personal style?
JG: I always find this the hardest question to answer in interviews. Honestly, it’s always evolving, which is precisely the reason I love fashion – I can be someone completely different every day. However, if I had to pick some common themes – femininity and playfulness are always present in my look.

Janis Galloway of Dress Me DearlyPM:  Which movies or TV shows inspire your sense of style?
JG: I am currently obsessing with Claire Underwood’s aesthetic in House of Cards. Her character’s styling is just so perfectly edited: champagne silk blouses, perfectly tailored pencil skirts and minimal jewelry. On the other end of the spectrum, Mad Men is of course a huge influence. Can I please live in Joan’s closet?

Claire Underwood from House of CardsPM:  What blogs do you read?
JG: You’d be surprised to know that I don’t read a ton of fashion blogs. It’s partially intentional and partially because I just don’t have a ton of time! I also don’t want them to influence my own content. It’s easy to subconsciously start replicating what other people are doing or think you need to do what a successful blogger is doing because it’s working for them. I try to find inspiration from digital publications such as Slutever, The Coveteur, Refinery29 and Business of Fashion. However, hands down my favourite fashion blog would be Ordinary People, which I can brag is homegrown here in Edmonton by a lady of extraordinary style and creativity, Alyssa Lau.

Alyssa Lau of Ordinary PeoplePM: What’s your number one style commandment?
JG: Wear whatever you want, but make sure it fits and make sure you wear it with confidence. Life is way too short to worry about trends, so just wear things that make you feel good.

Janis Galloway of Dress Me DearlyPM:  What was your worst-ever fashion faux-pas?
JG: Hahaha, oh man. There have been many. People who work in the fashion industry or who are really passionate about fashion are often the worst fashion criminals, because we tend to go more eccentric than others and we’re less afraid to take risks. One of my worst crimes was a high school leg warmer phase I went through (I thought I was very cool and was single handedly going to bring back 80’s fashion about five years before it actually did come back in style). I tried to make my own leg warmers by cutting the bottoms out of a gross old pair of grey socks and wearing them pulled up to my knees… serious face-palm.

PM:  Which spring trend are you loving right now?
JG: I am so stoked about the resurgence of ’70s fashion. Bell bottoms, caftans, looser fitting denim– it’s all awesome.

Janis Galloway of Dress Me Dearly

PM: Which three Pink Martini pieces would you recommend to our readers?
JG: Seriously loving these three pieces: The Michelle Jacket in Black, The Weekend Escape Dress in Light Blue, and the Nikkie Tank in White. (All pictured below).

Pink Martini Collection's Weekend Escape Dress, Michelle Jacket and Nikkie Tanki

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