Fashion Blogger Q&A: Marta Tryshak of The Youth Society and With Love, Gabrielle

Twenty-something Torontonian Marta Tryshak has a lot on her plate. Not only does she spearhead popular personal style blog With Love, Gabrielle, but she’s also the founder of online women’s lifestyle publication The Youth Society. Known for her flaming red tresses, feminine sense of style and jet-setting adventures, she’s gained a huge online following of fashionistas.

We spoke with Marta about her blogs, her personal style, and what inspires her.

Marta Tryshak of With Love, Gabrielle

Pink Martini: What made you decide to start a blog?
Marta Tryshak: I started back in 2008 while attending the University of Toronto; during that time I was just looking for a creative outlet. I never imagined that sharing my opinion with others and connecting with likeminded people would lead to such a rewarding career.  In 2014, I launched in partnership with an investor, and the goal of it was to give women an independent platform for sharing their voices. Not every woman wants to start their own site or blog, so any woman who enjoys writing and wants to share her views is welcome to join our panel of writers. Essentially, we are a collective of women just sharing our experiences with other women. We can surely learn lots from one another.

Marta Tryshak of With Love, Gabrielle

PM: What would you say sets your blogs apart from the rest?
MT: With every site there is an individual and distinct voice of an author or number of authors. For, that voice is mine and it is a unique perspective that is different from others in the way that every individual is. For, it is the voices of many women that all relate to one another, creating a uniform voice of numerous opinions. Every opinion expressed is unique to that individual, making it stand out.

Marta Tryshak of With Love, Gabrielle

PM: Who do you think are the most fashionable celebrities, current or past?
MT: For me, Audrey Hepburn will always be the epitome of classic style and I will forever idolize Coco Chanel not just for her style but for the woman that she was. In fact, is homage to Chanel, as her first name was Gabrielle.

Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel

PM: Which movies or TV shows inspire your sense of style?
MT: From all of the shows that I enjoy, Suits would have to be the closest to what I love. The wardrobe of all the leading ladies is classic and timeless which to me are key characteristics of great style.

The cast of Suits

PM: Which blogs do you read?
MT: I read everything that catches my attention; there isn’t a specific one. It’s a matter of choice depending on what I am trying to learn about.

PM: How would you describe your personal style?
MT: My personal style has evolved in the same way that I have as an individual. Now I am more willing to take risks and try new looks. Overall, my style is classic and timeless. I would also have to say girlish, as I adore wearing skirts and dresses.

Marta Tryshak of With Love, Gabrielle

PM: What’s your number one style commandment?
MT: All you need is a great pair of heels!

Marta Tryshak of With Love, Gabrielle

PM: Which spring trend are you most excited to wear?
MT: I am excited to wear flared jeans this spring! I have two pairs of Burberry flares and I absolutely love their cut and how they elongate the legs.

PM: Which three Pink Martini pieces would you recommend to our readers?
MT: As I love very feminine pieces, the Ballerina Dress in White is perfection for a night out. For colder spring days, a classic Wondering Wendy Coat in Navy is a beautiful addition, and of course a pretty pleated Go Go Skirt in Beige is a final touch.

Pink Martini Collection's Ballerina Dress, Wondering Wendy Coat and Go Go Skirt

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