Fashion Blogger Q&A: Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in Fashion

Vickie Laliotis is the kind of woman we all want as our best gal pal. She has an awe-inspiring wardrobe, dishes out the best beauty advice and has tons of fun DIYs up her floral-print sleeve. While we can’t all move to Edmonton and be Vickie’s bestie, we can feel like her virtual BFFs by reading her chatty personal style blog, Adventures in Fashion. Read the interview below for a crash course in Vickie and her awesome blog.

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPink Martini: What made you decide to start a blog?

Vickie Laliotis: I was working an office job at the time and desperately needed a creative outlet, and since I had been reading blogs for a while by that point, it seemed like the obvious choice for me… fast forward six years, and I still love blogging more than anything!

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPM: What would you say sets your blog apart from the rest?

VL: Adventures in Fashion is all about accessible style, beauty and do-it-yourself projects, presented in a fun-loving way. I write my blog as if I’m speaking to my girlfriends, and I honestly think that’s what keeps readers coming back for more.

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPM: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion bloggers?

VL: Do a lot of research to identify what’s out there and how you can differentiate yourself. From there, focus on creating strong photographs and finding your voice — the rest will follow!

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPM: What blogs do you read?

VL: So many! Current favourites include A Beautiful Mess, Could I Have That?, Studio DIY, Damsel In Dior, Vivianna Does Makeup, Into The Gloss — I could go on!

Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson of A Beautiful MessPM: How would you describe your personal style?

VL: My style is pretty eclectic, but I would say it’s largely classic and feminine, with some edgier, on-trend bits thrown in for good measure.

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPM: What’s your number one style commandment?

VL: That you have to feel good in what you’re wearing, otherwise you won’t look good, no matter how beautiful the outfit … I’ve learned that one the hard way!

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPM: What was your worst-ever fashion faux-pas?

VL: Probably a pair of snake-print pants back in 2001 — not a cute look on me.

PM: Which spring trend are you most excited to wear?

VL: I’m really excited for all the fringe that we’re seeing this spring, along with overalls and wearing white head-to-toe — it’s an exciting season for fashion!

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in FashionPM: Which three Pink Martini pieces would you recommend to our readers?

The classic, cropped white Erin pants; the khaki Dina dress for a fun, flirty look; and the Michelle jacket for adding effortless cool to any look.

Pink Martini Collection Erin pants, Dina dress and Michelle Jacket

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