Five essential sophisticated party dresses

Summer can be a whirlwind of parties. If it’s not a wedding or a graduation party, it’s a “just because” get-together. And maybe your coterie of standby dresses is getting a bit stale. These sophisticated party dresses will guarantee that you look chic, no matter what the occasion.

For a barbecue: The Tide is High Dress

Pink Martini Collection Tide is High Dress in White

You’ll be the belle of the grille in this pinup-style dress. It’s as comfy as a tee and shorts, but much more attractive! We love the little details that make this dress special, like the tiny, all-over polka dots and the double-ribbon trim at the hemline.

For a bachelorette party: The Atlantis Dress

Pink Martini Collection Atlantis Dress in Black

Because tacky tiaras and too-tight tube dresses aren’t for everyone. This LBD is sophisticated and just the right amount of sexy. It features sheer three-quarter-length sleeves and a scalloped lace hem.

For a graduation party: The Emmy Dress

Pink Martini Collection Emmy Dress

When you graduate, you want to look like a responsible adult ready to take on the world. At the same time, you’re probably surrounded by family, so you want to look sweet and modest. This demure dress is the best of both worlds.

For a bridal shower: The Naomi Dress

Pink Martini Collection Naomi Dress in Navy

Dressing for a bridal shower can be kind of weird, because it’s a daytime event but also a special occasion. This style is perfect – it’s casual but girly and flirty. Best of all, it’s ridiculously cute – because you just know the bride’s mom is going to whip out her camera.

For a work event: The Alison Dress

Pink Martini Collection Alison Dress in Pink

It’s always a good thing to show a little personality at work events, but you don’t want to go crazy. This dress strikes a great balance. It’s totally structured and sophisticated, but its fun pink colour adds a little bit of a pop.

For a wedding:

There’s so much to say about selecting a dress to wear to someone else’s wedding that we wrote a whole blog post about it – featuring tons of gorgeous dresses, of course!

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