Five fashion blogging tips from Canada’s top bloggers

Five fashion blogging tips from Canada’s top bloggers

We’ve gotten to interview lots of great bloggers for our blogger Q&A series, and one of the best parts of the experience is being an outlet where they can share their advice for would-be style bloggers. We decided to distill their fashion blogging tips into one place, so you can read it all at once. Enjoy!

Janis Galloway, Dress Me Dearly

Janis Galloway of Dress Me Dearly

Find your niche. Ask yourself what you can offer the blogosphere that isn’t already out there. Or how can you do it better than someone else? Don’t be a carbon copy of the millions of other fashion blogs. Do something sincere, authentic and creative that doesn’t just regurgitate other people’s content.

Sandy Joe Karpetz, The Pretty Secrets

Sandy Joe Karpetz of The Pretty Secrets

There are so many things I wish I would have known when I first started, but many people have taken the time to compose a multitude of blog posts on the topic. My advice for an aspiring fashion blogger is find a photographer you’re comfortable working with and who understands what your vision is. Your photographs are the first impression a new reader will have and the last thing you want is for your style to be ignored due to bad lighting or worse, a small pixelated file – unless that’s your vibe. For a long time my mother was my photographer and she has had zero formal training so you never know who will capture your essence the best. Also, Blog, Inc. is a great book if you’re interested in the business aspect of the industry.

Vickie Laliotis, Adventures in Fashion

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in Fashion

Do a lot of research to identify what’s out there and how you can differentiate yourself. From there, focus on creating strong photographs and finding your voice — the rest will follow!

Alyssa Garrison, Random Acts of Pastel

Alyssa Garrison of Random Acts of Pastel

AG: Settle on an idea that truly reflects who you naturally are, and start writing. A mentor of mine once told me that if you want to be a writer, you need to be reading and writing all the time, and I think the same goes for blogging. I really live my blog, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jenn McNaughton, Ethics of Style

Jenn McNaughton

Find what makes you unique prior to investing. If you’re thinking about starting a blog but aren’t sure where to start, chances are the time isn’t now. When you’ve got yourself, your style and your aspirations constructed, then I would take the plunge. I think a lot of the reason why “blogging” is almost becoming a wearying term is because it’s oversaturated. Don’t let that discourage you but ensure you aren’t just adding to the problem by executing your niche and building a brand at large.

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