Five funny Instagram accounts that are all about fashion

Five funny Instagram accounts that are all about fashion

Who says fashion people don’t have a sense of humour? These funny Instagram accounts will make you ROFL and also be like, “hey, I want that dress.”


Supermodel Tilda Lindstam has walked some of fashion’s biggest runways, but she’s rapidly becoming known by non-fashion people for her hilarious Instagram account. Tilda’s ribald sense of humour is bold and self-deprecating.

Caption: “Copy my shit, expect to get hit.”

Caption: “Thankful for this bae who fell asleep right in time for me to steal her airplane food.”

Caption: “Close up beauty shots of me, by me.”


Man Repeller is a fashion behemoth now, but don’t forget that it started as one girl’s blog. That girl, Leandra Medine, lets her sense of humour shine through in her Instagram posts. Leandra blends a sense of humour with some serious fashion chops, which together make for a must-follow Instagram account.

Caption: “This mornings story was called how to wear a flower in your hair without looking like an asshole but I’ve just decided to drop the without and own my inner most butt orifice.”

Caption: “Is this swan now kind of like a Von Dutch hat? A relic of the past that really has no place in the present?”

Caption: “…do you think it heard me?”


Famous British designer Henry Holland’s Instagram account is totally snarky. You feel like you’re talking to your witty best friend. A bonus is that his adorable French bulldog makes several appearances throughout his feed.

Caption: “Pretty successful tanning day. #evenallover.”

Caption: “4th July nail art.”

Caption: “Finally sandal weather.”


Cara Delevingne may be one of the best-known names in the modeling world right now, but she hasn’t let it go to her head. Her Instagram account is full of pictures of her making silly faces and joking around with her famous BFFs.

Caption: “What happened to us @natandalex @papertownsmovie”

Caption: “Current mood”

Caption: “Animals everywhere!!!!!!”


Imagine if your dad had a fashion blog. You’d probably be horrified but transfixed by it. That’s what this account’s all about. Photos of people’s dads in the daddest finery are posted, accompanied with captions written in a fashion bloggers voice. The end result will have you ROFL.

Caption: “Mixing prints can be VERY tricky but true #fashionistas can pull it off. I love to pair a navy and white striped polo ⚓️ with plaid shorts for a nautical meets #SouthernFratBro vibe. The trick is choosing one pattern (in this case, stripes) and one hue (blue) then building a stylish ensemble around it! Good luck! #OutfitOfTheEvening #FashionRiskAndReward #PatternPimpin #PoloOnPoint #FratasticFlow #SigmaNuSwag #YoungAtHeart #StripesOnStripesOnStripes #MadForPlaid #BlondeHairDontCare #BrowsOnFleek #AndyDickVibes #FashionDads via @cfunky”

Caption: “CHEERS and happy #IndependenceDay to all my ahhhhh-mazing blog followers and fans!! Today I’m kicking back and celebrating our FAB country in my trendiest pair of #CutterAndBuck khaki shorts (cinched at the waist with a brown #Xhilaration belt to show off my #BikiniBody ) paired with my 2015 limited edition #LandsEnd #USA polo! I like to keep it all the way buttoned then loosen up as the brewskis start flowing. Enjoy your 4th, everyone! #OutfitOfTheIndependenceDay #OOTID #FashionBlogger #RedWhiteAndBrews #ForefathersOnFleek #BlessedAndButtoned #FreedomFashionista #FlagsAndDads #DoubleFistingFlow #StarSpangledHammered #AllAmericanModel #SippinInStyle #CoorsCouture #SteppinOut #SaturdaySwag #SaluteYourShorts #PoloPimp #BillGatesFlow #LeeGreenwoodVibes #FashionDads via @meg.maverick”

Caption: “I love athletic-wear and I think you’re ‘allowed’ to have fun experimenting with wacky variety far more than with business attire. I threw on an oversized, tie-dyed shirt with my trendy #colorblock swim trunks (great for #wicking!) and I always wear a pair of black compression socks for circulation and #Tevas to for extra support while lifting heavier weights. Bonus beauty tip: When doing cardio, I always wear a #Reebok sweat band, but for arm day, I just slicked my hair back to keep it out of my face. #GymTips #CompressionCouture #SockGameStrong #WorkoutWednesday #BenchPress #ManCrush #JunkInMyTrunks #WickingMaterial #GoateeGame #VintageVibes #RetroFlow #DressCleanTrainDirty #FitnessAndFashion #FitFam #FashionBlogger #Fashiondads via @fluffchronicles”

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