Five happy indie-pop songs for a sunny day

Indie pop should be the official genre of summer. We know it’s still May, but we’re already searching for the perfect soundtrack for a summer of dreaming, exploring and loving. The following happy indie-pop songs are perfect for a sunny day – or for cranking up your internal sunshine on a rainy one.

Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michelson

Sample lyric: “I got two hands, one beating heart/And I’ll be alright”

Why we love it: This super cheery song is basically about recovering from a breakup, which is obviously not the happiest subject in the world. But its “on to the next one” spirit will help you shake off all of your troubles.

Listen to it while wearing: Our Kat Crop Top in White. You’ll look so cute that the song should really be titled “Boys Chase You.”

Pink Martini Collection Kat Crop Top in White

Be Okay – Oh Honey

Sample lyric: “Summer dress, favourite park/Bless your soul, we are here and now”

Why we love it: Not only will you want to clap your hands along to its catchy beat, but you’ll love its lyrical celebration of summer’s little pleasures: cold beer, fresh-cut grass and warm-weather romances.

Listen to it while wearing: A summer dress, obviously! Our Helena Dress in White is as breezy and light as the song.

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Lucky – Kat Edmonson

Sample lyric: “Life is just a dream/Lucky you/Lucky, lucky me”

Why we love it: This is a pure, uncomplicated love song. And what is summer if not the season of love?

Listen to it while wearing: Our Roses of Love Top in Beige. You’ll spread the romantic spirit wherever you go.

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Oh, The Places I’ll Go – Kathryn Ostenberg

Sorry, guys! This one doesn’t have a music video! You can see a commercial it was featured in below.

Sample lyric: “I’m looking ahead and I won’t wait/I’m going to take the lead”

Why we love it: Whatever you want to achieve this summer, whether it’s landing that promotion at work or sampling every beer on your favourite patio’s menu (hey, we don’t judge!), this uplifting song will make you believe that you can do it.

Listen to it while wearing: The Coast Top in White/Navy. It’s so gorgeous on that it’ll make you feel confident and powerful – just like this song.

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Bright – Echosmith

Sample lyric: “Heaven and Earth have finally aligned/Days are good and that’s the way it should be”

Why we love it: Okay, this one’s been all over the radio, so it’s kind of the opposite of indie. But it’s popular for good reason. This dreamy love song is like an instant dose of happiness.

Listen to it while wearing: Our Nikkie Tank in Green. Because it’s bright. Yeah, we went pretty literal with this one.

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