Five times Cher Horowitz totally got your life

Is there any fictional character more relatable than Clueless’ Cher Horowitz? There’s a reason why a 20-year-old movie (some of you weren’t even born when it came out!) still gets quoted ad nauseum today. Sure, maybe we don’t all have uber rich fathers or wardrobe-planning computer programs, but all of us can connect with Queen Cher’s words of wisdom.

Here are five times when Cher Horowitz totally understood you:

When she tried to put the moves on her crush:

CluelessSee, even gorgeous, rich girls get awkward around cute guys!

When she was a less than stellar driver


Okay, maybe you’re a good driver NOW, but if you say never had a tense moment behind the wheel as a teenager, you’re either a liar or like, an automotive genius.

When she had to fend off losers


If his idea of a romantic night is letting us watch you play Xbox and he hasn’t bought new clothes since 2010, you’re not going to date him. Sorry, not sorry.

When she adored her BFF


If she’s fun to talk to and lets you raid her closet, you’ll have her back for life.

When she had high standards


Like, all you want is a super-hot guy who cooks delicious food and wants to listen to you recap every episode of Girls and loves to cuddle and has a cute dog. That’s so not too much to ask!

You and Cher are basically soulmates, so you should probably dress like her too. Channel her mid-nineties anti-grunge style in preppy basics like our Starboard Cardigan in Off-White.

Pink Martini Collection Starboard Cardigan in Off-White



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