Four British fashion bloggers you need to know

It’s no secret that the U.K. has been responsible for some MAJOR style moments. From the rise of the mod look, to the Sex Pistols and their punk followers, to the classic Burberry trench coat, the Britain does style like no one else.

These four British fashion bloggers may diverge in their sense of style, but they all have a knack for pulling things together in an eccentric, distinctly British way.

Hannah, Hannah Louise Fashion, Manchester:

Hannah of Hannah Louise Fashion

A recent law grad, this scarlet-haired blogger has brains to go with her killer sense of style. Her style is slightly nineties-tinged – think slip dresses and Calvin Klein logo tees – in the best way possible.

Carrie, WishWishWish, London:

Carrie of WishWishWish

If there’s one word that sums up this twentysomething Londoner, it’s adorable. Everything she wears is delightfully twee without being the least bit cheesy. The best part of reading her blog is getting to tag along on her travel adventures as she goes everywhere from New York to Antwerp.

Sabrina, The Young Eccentric, London:

Sabrina of The Young Eccentric

Sabrina has a wonderful sense of creativity, and she’s not afraid to inject a little humour into the world of fashion blogging. Photo shoots for her blog take place anywhere from a Chinatown grocery store to sitting in front of her laptop surrounded by liquor bottles.

Yuki, Yuki Does, London:

Yuki of Yuki Does

Yuki’s half Dutch and half Japanese, so her DNA’s from two ridiculously stylish countries. Her streetwear-inspired style is vibrant and eclectic, and the pictures of other models that she styles and shoots are taken with an artistic eye.

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