Four gorgeous modest dresses

Whether it goes against your religious beliefs to reveal too much of your body, you need something to wear to church with your parents this Easter, or you simply prefer to keep covered up, the search for a dress that’s as modest as it is adorable can be taxing. Luckily, we’ve got four gorgeous modest dresses that will make you look lovely without clinging to your every curve or showing too much skin. (If you are looking for something sexy, check out our post on dresses to wear to a club)

Greta Dress in White:

Pink Martini Collection's Greta Dress in White

Modest dressers, rejoice! The 1970s silhouette that’s in style now is gorgeous without being provocative. This dress, featured in LOULOU magazine, features modest three-quarter-length sleeves and a midi hemline. It’s nipped in at the waist, giving it a flattering shape, but this dress isn’t too clingy.

Havana Dress in Blue Floral: 

Pink Martini Collection Havana Dress in Blue Floral

Some say that modest clothes are boring. Prove them wrong in this vibrant, tropical-print dress. It’s sleeveless, but its neckline is high, and it would look great with a cardigan. It may look a bit short on our model, but on a woman of average height the hem is closer to the knee.

Fiona Dress in White:

Pink Martini Collection Fiona Dress in White

This dress would look positively angelic with a statement necklace and dainty heels, or totally ’90s with black tights and Doc Martens. Because who says you can’t be modest and a little punk rock at the same time?  It features modest long sleeves, a flowy skirt and a bodice that fits your body like your favourite T-shirt.

Nathalia Dress in Navy:

Pink Martini Collection Nathalia Dress in Navy

You’ll look positively Parisian in this elegantly chic striped dress. With a flowy A-line skirt and a slightly nipped-in waist, it flatters your body without making you feel like you’re on display.

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