Four great layering pieces for cold weather

Brrrr! It’s getting chilly out there! The days of throwing your coat on over a tee are over, unless you want to freeze. But at the same time, wearing a coat over layers of bulky sweaters can be equally uncomfortable, not to mention unflattering. Luckily, we’ve got tons of lightweight layering pieces for cold weather that add warmth without making you look (and feel) like you’ve packed on the pounds.

What in Carnation Top in Black/Navy, $44:

Pink Martini Collection's What in Carnation Top, a great layering piece for cold weather

This long-sleeved top is ultra lightweight, making it a great option for layering under just about anything. An easy way to make a sleeveless dress winter-ready is to layer it over this top. It looks especially great under an LBD.

After Party Knit in Forest Green, $59:

Pink Martini Collection's After Party Knit, a great layering piece for cold weather

This sweater’s made from a cozy, warm Angora blend, but it’s not heavy at all, so you can layer over and under it. Try it with a thermal tee underneath and a cardigan and coat overtop to battle some serious cold.

Adrienne Wrap, $77:

Pink Martini Collection's Adrienne Wrap, a great layering piece for cold weather

This wrap looks great worn alone as a jacket in the fall and spring, and it does double duty in the winter as an extra-warm layering piece to wear under a long coat. It’s made from a super soft mohair blend.

Bitmap Top in Grey, $77:

Pink Martini Collection's Bitmap Top in Grey, a great layering piece for cold weather

If you’re anything like us, you’re already in love with this top because of its cool black and grey leopard print. But you might not know that it’s also super warm and lightweight. Try it with a black blazer and a circle scarf.

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