Four great office skirts

One of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe (and career) is to purchase a few great-fitting, stylish office skirts. Have fun with your style and try both pencil skirts and A-line, printed and solid coloured.

Summer Romance Skirt in Grey/White, $62:

Pink Martini Collection Summer Romance Skirt in Grey/White

This skirt adds a touch of vintage-inspired femininity to your work look. Pair it with a simple black or white button down, high heels and a statement necklace to make a big impact.

Reece Skirt in Grey, $53:

Pink Martini Collection Reese Skirt in Grey

So you love to show your personality through your clothing. But your fave leopard-print dress and neon shoes aren’t so appropriate for a conservative office. Luckily, this skirt is! Patterned and textured, it’s still an interesting choice, but its cut and colour palette are classic enough that you won’t be breaking any dress codes.

So Prep Skirt in Navy, $64:

Pink Martini Collection So Prep Skirt in Navy

This skirt is one of those classic pieces you’ll wear for years. This elegant A-line in rich navy blue would work as well on a 52-year-old executive as on a 22-year-old administrative assistant. You’ll be able to pair it with virtually any top in your closet!

Rad Plaid Skirt in White, $77: 

Pink Martini Collection Rad Plaid Skirt in White

This plaid pencil skirt is the height of preppy sophistication. It’s knee-length, and its knit material gently hugs your curves, making you look amazing but still work-appropriate.

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