Four perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend

Ladies, leave this open on your browser for your significant other to discover!

Guys, worry no more! We’ve done your shopping for you and found the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend. This isn’t going to be like the year that you panicked an hour before meeting her for dinner and ended up buying that weird book of poetry that she pretended to love. This year, get her what she really wants – the gift of fashion!

Daydream Dress in White, $59:

Pink Martini Collection's Daydream Dress in White

You know that your girlfriend is gorgeous, but sometimes she feels less than beautiful. This universally-flattering draped dress will show off her collarbone, make her legs look super long, and have her feeling like the stunning creature you know she is. And you won’t mind the view either. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

New Age Sweater in Black and White, $62:

Pink Martini Collection's New Age Sweater in Black and Grey

You know how your girlfriend’s always stealing your comfiest sweaters? Reclaim them by giving her this cozy piece. It’s casual enough for Netflix binge-watching nights (you guys still need to finish season 14 of Law and Order: SVU, after all) but polished enough to wear out to a day-after-Valentine’s brunch.

Maggie Jacket in White, $86:

Pink Martini Collection's Maggie Jacket in White

A bouquet of flowers is nice, but a coat covered in flowers is a whole lot nicer! She’ll want to wear this stylish number every day come spring. It’s perfect for romantic walks, picnics in the park, and even nights out.

Ballerina Dress in White, $121:

Pink Martini Collection's Ballerina Dress in White

Do you have a special evening planned for your leading lady this Valentine’s Day? Surprise her with what is possibly the best Valentine’s Day date dress. She’ll feel like the star of a romantic movie in this beautiful, ballet-inspired frock.

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  • Very nice ideas. The white dress is my favorite. Simple and cute :)

    If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your man this Valentine’s Day, click my name and check out some of my ideas.

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