Four top 2015 tattoo trends

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Whether it’s your first or your fifteenth, you probably want something gorgeous, meaningful and super modern. Let these four 2015 tattoo trends inspire you to get a great piece of ink. Here are the coolest tattoo designs of the year.


Named one of the trendiest tats of 2015 by tattoo blog Tattoodo, arrows just might be the tattoo of the season. Celebs including Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, Girls’ Jemima Kirke and singer Ellie Goulding all have arrow tattoos.

An arrow tattooAn arrow tattooAn arrow tattooPair it with: Our Lacey Top in White.

Pink Martini Collection's Lacey Top in White


Maybe it’s related to this year’s boho trend, or maybe we’re just all really inspired by Demi Lovato, who has multiple tattoos of feathers. Either way, feather tattoos are hot right now.

feather3 feather A feather tattooPair it with: Our Flirty in Floral Top in Beige

Pink Martini Collection Flirty in Floral Top in Beige


The semicolon tattoo has become a global movement, dubbed Project Semicolon, in support of those struggling with mental illness.

The idea is that a semicolon is used when a sentence could end but the author chooses to keep it going. People affected by mental illness (or close to someone who is) get the tattoo as a reminder that they could have ended their lives but they choose to keep on going. Talk about inspirational!

A semicolon tattoo A semicolon tattoo A semicolon tattooPair it with: Our First Date Dress in Grey/Purple.

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Finger tattoos:

Hand tattoos were once exclusively the domain of hardcore tattoo enthusiasts, but they’ve trickled down to the point where all the cool girls are getting them. Miley Cyrus has five hand tattoos, while the lion on Cara Delevingne’s finger has become iconic.

A finger tattoo A finger tattoo A finger tattooPair it with: Our Little House on the Prairie Dress in Navy.

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