Four top Japanese fashion bloggers you must check out

Japanese street style has long been revered for its creativity. These top Japanese fashion bloggers embody the stylish spirit that’s made Japan a hot fashion destination.

Mizuho, xoxoHilamee:

Mizuho of xoxoHilamee

This girl makes taking fashion risks look easy! She’ll rock a pair of metallic gold loafers or pinstriped drop-crotch pants with the ease of someone wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Her blog’s entirely in Japanese, but the pictures make it well worth visiting.

Junko Suzuki, Kawaii Labo Tokyo:

Junko Suzuki of Kawaii Labo Tokyo

Junko embodies kawaii (which, for those not in the know, means cute!). Her style’s great, but what really stood out about her blog for us was her gorgeous, ever-changing hair. Lately, it’s been different shades of purple, and she dyes it herself – talk about impressive! Her blog’s mostly written in Japanese, with some English here and there.

Natsu, Love by Natsu:

Natsu of Love by Natsu

This young designer and creative director has a gorgeous minimalist blog. Posts are short, often consisting of just one or two photos, and showcase her laidback style. Her outfits are effortlessly lovely, and she never looks like she’s trying too hard. This site’s in Japanese, but there’s usually very little writing.

Couldn’t you totally see her in our Tonya Dress in Blue?

Pink Martini Collection Tonya Dress in Blue

Kanaho Morisue, Kanaho’s Show:

Kanaho Morisue of Kanaho's Show

Kanaho’s a painter who often wears outfits emblazoned with prints she created herself – how cool is that? At the moment, she has purple eyebrows, which she frequently pairs with purple lipstick. Plus her blog’s in English, which is an obvious benefit to those of us on this side of the Pacific.

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