Four ways to wear floral print clothing

Floral print clothing is a hallmark of spring and summer. But wearing similar floral sundresses day in and day out can get dull. Here are four innovative new ways to wear the popular pattern.

Dare to mix prints

Jackie Welling of Little J Style

We love mixing prints so much that we wrote a whole blog post about it! Floral, in particular, looks great paired with another print. Jackie Welling of Little J Style nails this look, pairing a vibrant tropical-print skirt with a checkered button-down. Notice how she keeps her accessories simple – this look makes enough of a statement without bold bling!

Try a floral crochet or lace

Adrienne Nguyen of Invictus

A crochet or lace in a floral pattern is an alternative to a traditional floral print, managing to be both edgy and sweet at the same time. Blogger Adrienne Nguyen of Invictus looks great in a monochrome outfit with floral crochet at the bottom. Try the floral lace trend for yourself with our gorgeous Daniele Top in Orange.

Daniele Top in Orange by Pink Martini Collection

Go head to toe floral

Kristina Dolinskaya

We know – wearing one pattern from top to bottom, let alone a bold pattern, is a slightly daunting fashion dare. But look how great blogger Kristina Dolinskaya looks in a floral crop top and matching skirt! You could try a very subtle floral print in neutral colours as a baby step, but it’s also fun to dive right in.

Do a floral kimono over a dress in a coordinating colour


Kimonos are totally this summer’s must-have item. Whether yours is long, like this one worn by blogger BellQees, or cropped, like our Alison Wrap in Navy (pictured below), take a style note from BellQees and wear it over a solid-coloured dress in a coordinating shade. So pretty!

Pink Martini Collection Alison Wrap in Navy

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