Green Goddess

Ahhhh the colour green, how relaxing, peaceful, charming and balancing type of aura for the human mind. It might not exactly be you’re chosen kind of colour but it sure shows a great reflection of the heart, emotions and sending positive vibes. Green giving us the capability to love because it is said to be linked to the heart, that it gives us a warmth towards others unconditionally.

This colour promotes the word “nature”  to love natural resources all around the world. It is the colour that dominates the world of all living plants, species and any natural habitats on earth. It also represents “growth” as in plants, green leaves is a good indication that it represents growth. It can give us a better perception then any other colour and it represents ” hope”  to have a optimistic attitude of the mind based on any outcome in life. Our Pink Martini Collection “Rewind Jacket”  comes in a forest & emerald type green colour combination with a touch of sophistication that is a fitted look. Show you’re true colour of a calm, cool and collected green goddess type girl you are.

Rewind jacket_green

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