Happy Hump Day.

Happy Hump Day.

Drinks Tonight!  Pink Martini…..

The Ultimate cocktail of a “Cosmopolitan”, known as the “Cosmo”  in honor of fashion. What’s a better way to celebrate fashion?  This “feminine” cocktail is perfect for any time of the day. Great for after hours of working, school or any daily job, the day comes to an end with a delicious Martini.

The original recipe is based on vodka citron or lemon vodka with cranberry juice, fresh lime juice & touch of Cointreau. A typical Cosmo Martini is garnished with a lime wedge or lemon slice.

In the past, a “Cosmopolitan” gained popularity in the 1990’s, mostly among younger women. This cocktail being inspired from fashion & entertainment by popular T.V shows such as “Sex in the City”  it continues to stay its trendy , hip, fashionable cocktail for young women even til this day.

So, if you feel an urge to end your hump day with a Cosmo cocktail.

Remember. Enjoy you’re cocktail with style in Pink Martini Clothing Collection of course.

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