How to dress like Taylor Swift

Even people who don’t like her music have to admit that Taylor Swift is a modern-day style icon. Her vintage-infused style makes her body look amazing without revealing too much skin. She always looks perfectly pulled together, even leaving the gym. Here’s how to dress like Taylor Swift.

Pair crop tops with a high-waisted A-line skirt

How to dress like Taylor Swift

If there’s a quick formula for getting the Taylor Swift look, it’s a crop top + a swingy little skirt. This is a go-to outfit for Taylor. Sometimes she even chooses a skirt and a crop top in the same material for a perfect match. By keeping the skirt A-line and high-waisted, the crop top becomes appropriate daywear and the overall outfit looks flirty without being overtly sexual.

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Show some leg

How to dress like Taylor Swift

Even if you don’t have extremely long legs like Taylor, wearing shorter shorts and skirts will visually elongate your gams. You can opt for a ton of different looks, from grungy shorts to flippy skirts.

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Stock up on slim pants in a variety of colours

How to dress like Taylor Swift

Skinny trousers are an absolute essential for getting the T-Swift look. During the colder months, the starlet basically lives in body-hugging pants in neutral shades and rich jewel tones alike.

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