How to dress like the 60s

Did any decade shake things up, fashion-wise, more than the swinging ’60s? By midway through the decade, it was out with the prim and proper housewife look and in with a rad new style. Here’s how to dress like the 60s without looking like you’re wearing a costume.

Embrace the mini skirt:

Pink Martini Collection Anita Skirt in White

The mini skirt may have been the 1960s’ best invention. Though its origins are disputed, most fashion insiders believe it was created by designer Mary Quant in 1964. Rock your own sixties look in our mid-thigh-length Anita Skirt in White.

Pair a mini with brightly coloured tights:

1960s fashion

As hemlines rose, so did the popularity of playful hosiery. With so much visible leg, coloured or patterned tights could take centre stage. Try a bright, pop art-inspired colour like red or royal blue for a truly ’60s look.

Try a retro beehive:


There’s no sixties hairstyle as iconic as the beehive. This cool version by Emily at The Freckled Fox requires absolutely no backcombing, so you won’t have a huge mess to detangle when you undo your hair at the end of the day.

Go for the hippie look:

Pink Martini Collection Anouk Dress in Black Floral

By the end of the 1960s, the bohemian flower children had arisen as a subculture. If the mod look’s not your thing, you could also dress like the 60s by doing the hippie thing. Our Anouk Dress in Black Floral is totally ’60s and ’70s inspired.

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