How to make your waist look smaller

Having a waist that’s small in comparison to your hips is scientifically proven to make you look hotter. It’s true – studies have found that men find women most attractive when they have a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 – think Marilyn Monroe. What’s an apple-shaped babe to do? These tricks for how to make your waist look smaller will give you an instant hourglass figure.

Trick #1: Go for a fit-and-flare dress, with a gathered waist and a full skirt

A fitted waist emphasizes the smallest part of your torso, while a fuller skirt creates the optical illusion of a smaller waist. And if you’re a true apple shape, convex tummy and all, you’ll also appreciate that the skirt doesn’t cling to your midsection.

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Trick #2: Try a dress with black side panels

You know how contouring works for your face? That’s basically what this kind of dress is going to do for your body. Black side paneling that nips in at the waist visually erases the sides of your body, your waistline especially, making you look narrow but curvy. This style of dress is great for a variety of body types because it makes bigger midsections look smaller, while giving straight-up-and-down bodies the illusion of an hourglass figure.

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