How to wear 1970s style clothing

Move over, ’90s revival – this fall, it’s all about the ’70s. The tumultuous decade encapsulated some of the 20th century’s coolest style movements, from the free-spirited flower children of the early 1970s to the late 1970s’ disco stars. Here’s your guide on how to wear 1970s style clothing.

Pick your 1970s style icon(s):

The 1970s were a very diverse time in terms of style options, so it’s best to pick an inspirational woman or two to anchor your look. Go for Ali MacGraw if you want to do a look that’s pure hippie – think lots of tunics and long skirts. Jane Birkin had a free-spirited tomboy style. Mary Tyler Moore did the working woman thing with aplomb, while Bianca Jagger was always disco-ready and elevated pantsuits to a new level.

Bianca Jagger

Stock up on the essentials:

This article has a great guide to the pieces you’ll need to complete your seventies wardrobe. The best part is that they’re so readily available now – you’ll be #TBT-ready in no time!

Blend modern pieces into your retro style:

Unless you want to look super retro, be sure to pair your 1970s style clothing with more modern styles. For instance, a hippie-dippie peasant top would look fabulous over sleek waxed pants. Or you could pair your bell-bottom jeans with a simple white tee and a super-modern statement necklace.

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