How to wear a bustier (even in the daytime!)

We’re so glad that bustiers are back in style, because they can amp up a look like nothing else, taking your outfit from blah to high-fashion in an instant. Many women are unsure about how to wear a bustier, especially during the day. We looked to bloggers around the world for inspiration.

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Pair it with a patterned bomber jacket and a little pair of shorts: 

How to wear a bustier

German blogger Tessa Diamondly nails the boho-punk hybrid look by pairing her bustier with frayed black shorts and an unzipped, printed bomber. Worn alone, the bustier and shorts might look too overtly sexual for day, but the bomber lends the look a cool, casual vibe.

Wear it with a maxi skirt:

How to wear a bustier

A long, flowing skirt, like this one worn by Hong Kong blogger Allie Au, effortlessly balances out a tight, cropped bustier. Plus, both pieces are super girly and romantic.

Rock it with a menswear-inspired jacket and ripped jeans:

How to wear a bustier

A bustier and ripped jeans is a classic bad-girl-chic combo, but once you add a big, tailored coat like Austrian Lookbook user Astrid Hirzberger does here, the outfit becomes even more interesting.

Use your bustier to sex up a pair of mom jeans:

How to wear a bustier

Mom jeans are so trendy right now, but they’re the furthest thing from flattering. A cute little bustier, like the one German Lookbook user Elli Drake is wearing, adds just the right amount of retro sex appeal, taking your mom jeans from “Ma” to “Madonna.”

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