ICYMI: Five things we loved this week

Below are five moments of fashion, from across the internet, that we loved this week.

Social media sensations: Dream of getting signed to a modeling agency? Better make sure your selfies are on point. Model casting agent Noah Shelley dished to The Cut about the latest thing in model casting: Instagram. The era of being discovered on the street is over. These days you may be more likely to get signed if you have a big online following. “I just had a guy backstage telling me now that they have interns at the model agencies going through Instagram and looking for people with large followings, and they’re just signing them,” Shelley says.


Afraux: Writer Jascmeen Bush had no idea she’d skyrocket to pseudo-fame when she wore a giant afro wig to New York Fashion Week. All she’d wanted to do was cover up an unmanageable haircut. But for the first time, the down-to-earth writer found herself getting street style snapped – a lot. In a great essay for Racked, Bush talks about the awkwardness that comes with becoming something of a natural hair icon when the mane you’re known for is not your own.

Jascmeen Bush in her afro wig

Mad for midis: This week on our blog, we shared six top tips for rocking a midi skirt. Example: pair your midi skirt with a leather jacket for a look that’s tough but sweet.

How to wear a midi skirt

Butch beauty? The eagle-eyed folks at Fashionista noted some similarities between the hair and makeup at Chanel’s fall show and the face of Karl Lagerfeld’s man-muse, model Baptiste Giabiconi. Like Giabiconi, many of the girls rocked hair parted to the side, heavy arched brows and nude lips. Coincidence or not?

Cara Delevigne and Baptiste Giabiconi

Bringing out the claws: Writer Jessica Roy spent two-and-a-half hours at a chichi nail salon getting crazy-long nails a la Kim Kardashian’s latest look. While glamorous, the nails rendered her nearly unable to put in contacts, untie a pair of shoes or even swipe through Instagram. Roy’s four-year-old sister’s verdict? “I hate them. They look like a monster’s nails.”

Kim Kardashian-inspired nails

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