ICYMI: Five things we loved this week

Below are five moments of fashion from across the internet that we loved this week.

Supawmodel: The Coveteur showed off this spring’s batch of accessories alongside the only thing we want to look at more than bags and shoes – an adorable dog! Model Walter is a Whoodle (for the uninitiated, that’s a Wheaton terrier-poodle mix and everyone at our office wants one now) who gamely cuddles up alongside a pricey M2Malletier shoulder bag and models that Vivetta hands-shaped collar everyone’s obsessed with with the blasé attitude of a seasoned style-star. Can Walter please come model for us?

Five things that we loved this week

Finally getting recognition: Lauren Sherman penned an interesting feature for Fashionista about the way bloggers are forcing the fashion industry to pay more attention to minority groups. For instance, GarnerStyle’s Chastity Garner, pictured below, penned an open letter to Target about the lack of plus-sized clothes in their designer collections, which led to the launch of Ava & Viv, a plus-sized fashion line. And with half of the bloggers in Fashionista’s most powerful bloggers ranking representing at least one minority group, labels have begun to target minority groups like Latinas and Asian women through these powerful influencers. The whole story’s definitely worth a read.

Chastity Garner - Five things we loved this week

Boho hair, don’t care: If fussy hairstyles aren’t your thing, you’ll love our collection of easy bohemian hairstyles. From temporary dreadlocks to a super-easy take on the fishtail braid, these hairstyles show that you’re a (super pretty) free spirit.

Boho hair - five things we loved this week

Are $1,000 keychains worth it? Ninety per cent of you probably responded to that question with a horrified “no!” But the rest of you were like, “maybe.” And it’s people like the latter group who have created the “luxury knick-knack bubble,” as writer Erika Adams describes the phenomenon in a feature for Racked. From $8,000 headphones to $2,000 poop-emoji bags, the market for pricey novelties has never been this thriving. Adams speaks to experts to figure out what’s behind the trend. Marketing professor Dr. Henrik Hagtvedt’s explanation? “Not everybody can afford a $300,000 Ferrari, but some of those people can instead afford a $1,000 keyring.”

Karlitos - Five things we loved this week

Brit beauty: As part of The Cut’s global beauty week, the publication sent a photographer to London to chronicle women’s hair and makeup choices in the U.K. capital. The photos reveal that the city’s beauty scene is just as eclectic and contemporary as its fashion scene. Think septum piercings and candy-coloured hair.

Brit beauty - Five things we loved this week

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