ICYMI: Five things we loved this week

Below are five moments of fashion from across the internet that we loved this week.

Return of the ’90s: We’re seeing a ’90s revival in everything from our clothes to our hair (Manic Panic, anyone?). So it seems inevitable that ’90s jewelry trends are primed for a comeback (we’re already seeing tattoo chokers everywhere). Refinery29 found eight retro trends that have yet to hit the mainstream – everything from slap bracelets (remember those?) to lip rings.

Five things we loved this week

Call it fashion meditation: Seb Lester’s Instagram videos aren’t meant to be a de-stressing tool, but they sure do work! Seb (@seblester) is a calligrapher who sometimes posts videos of himself free-hand drawing fashion logos, and he’s seriously a pro. Want to draw the Pink Martini Collection logo next, Seb?

Blog star: “Never ever dress for anybody but yourself—not boys, not your parents, not your friends—or you’ll wind up more uncomfortable than you would be if you stood out in something you deemed ‘different’  in the first place.” That’s just one piece of the sartorial wisdom we received from chic blogger Jenn McNaughton of Ethics of Style in our interview with her this week.

Jenn McNaughton

Speaking of illustration: Fashionista posted a comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving as a freelance fashion illustrator. In short, it’s important to have a design background, develop your own distinct style and never underestimate the power of Instagram.

Fashion illustration by Jenny Walton

Festival fashion: Music festival season is almost upon us. Instead of going for the usual festival uniform (Flower crown, jean shorts, bare feet. Yawn.), why not take inspiration from musicians themselves? That’s the idea behind a recent Style.com slideshow. It looks to musical icons like Gwen Stefani and Salt-N-Pepa for outfit inspo that will make you look different from every other girl at Coachella/Osheaga/whatever.

Five things we loved this week

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