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I had the pleasure of meeting with Jen McNeely (above), founder of She Does the City. Jen stopped by our showroom to see Pink Martini Collection and speak with the founder & designer, Amir Bahar.

It’s prettyawesome to see a Canadian woman working the ‘world-wide-web’ with such an incredible sense of cultural & societal trends. There’s always something interesting, informative, and unique on her blog.

Freelance writers also contribute to She Does the City, which only adds to its authentic & unique voice-not unlike that of it’s Canadian founder.  Best part about meeting with Jen is that she is how genuine and easy she was to speak with. Pink Martini loved having her visit.


Q & A with Jen McNeely-She Does the City

1) What is your title? Founder, Shedoesthecity.com


2) What is your favorite thing about your job? Without a doubt it is that I am able to meet and connect with so many inspiring women. Second to that, not one day resembles the next. I am never bored.

3) What drives you to be involved in this wonderful world of Fashion/Art/Design? I love seeing how people use their creativity….it feeds my imagination.
4) What inspires you/Who inspires you? I’m inspired by people who take risks and change the direction of their life. I’m inspired by those who overcome hardship or tragedy. I am not inspired by celebrities as much as regular people whose stories you read about in the newspaper or watch in a compelling documentary.

5) What is the greatest thing about being involved in Fashion Getting a better understanding of the entire process. You start to appreciate clothing differently and this, in turn, affects how you shop.
6) As a customer, what is it that customers want? Customers want different things. If you have very little money then you are going to want affordable clothes. If you are dressing to feel sexy, then you’ll want something that makes you confident in that way. If you are insecure, you’ll probably be more apt to buy and wear something with an obnoxious logo. It’s a push and pull between budget restraints and the personal style you want to project in society. Some people value fashion more than, let’s say, travel. I don’t understand those people but to each their own. 


7) If you could give our readers your top personal fashion tip-what would it be? I think fashion should always be fun but I also know that first impressions matter. Have a couple polished looks ready for important occasions but for Saturday night, wear a costume if you want.

8.) Favourites’:

-Guilty Pleasure? I’m not sure if I feel guilty about it but I do love going to spas. If I spend too much money, then I feel guilty.

-Shoe Designer? For the past year I’ve been pretty in love with Jeffrey Campbell. Chasse Gardee on Queen sells his shoes. I like TOMS because I believe in what that company is doing.

-Restaurant? Jules, Select Bistro and Bistro Paradis.I like a good Bavette Frites.

-Coffee Shop? Manic on College.

Movie? -Squid and the Whale. Annie. Drugstore Cowboy. Stand By Me. KIDS.

Book- Eloise

-Day of the Week?-Monday morning. If you asked me this five years ago, I would have said Friday night.
9) What draws you to Pink Martini Collection as a label? It’s playful, well tailored and affordable.

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