Introducing:The Macaron


“Bonjour Macron!-How did you become so pretty??? –Who designed you?”

MMM…Macaroons. They are all the craze right now-and why wouldn’t they be? Macaroons are the best thing since sliced bread. They are: pretty, sweet, and tasty. -How could you go wrong?

On the mention of ‘pretty’ we can’t get over the gorgeous selection of colours these treats come in; which inspired the hues for our Spring 2011 Pink Martini Collection dress-featured below.

From this point forward, I will have the thrill of naming every piece in the collection. For example, this beautiful little number-featured in the Spring photo shoot (below) is now officially named the “Macaron”. “Macaron”, is the french word for “Macaroon”, and not only does it sound lovelier than “SKU DR 288” or ‘”Macarooooon“, but it is the perfect word to describe our dress….which is pretty ‘sweet’ too!?!

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