Jaquard Jacket-Hottest Item of the Season

This Season, Jaquard has been all the rage. The Pink Martini Jaquard coat, CO-5781 (featured above) has been our hottest jacket-selling out at fine boutiques across Canada & the United States. To some, the patterns and prints are daring-but isn’t it fun to be daring!? “Jaquard” was invented by Joseph Marie Jaquard in 1801, identifying a new method of textile creation that incorporates: brocade, damask, and matelasse.The colours, textures, patterns and prints can vary from a more contemporary look with subtle hues, textures, and print to something that ‘pushes the envelope’. Above, we have a photo of the Pink Martini Collection mixed jaquard jacket inspired by Spain’s interpretation of jaquard.We are Sold Out of this jacket this season, with a handful of stores carrying size extra-small.  What an amazing season!

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