Make-up Artist & Intern at FASHION Magazine-Rebecca Perrin

Make-up Artist & Intern at FASHION Magazine-Rebecca Perrin

Rebecca Perrin is no Spinster. Featured above left, ‘Becca’ is the blogger of Spinsterish and an Intern at Fashion Magazine-where she works closely with the Beauty Director.

(If you don’t know FASHION Magazine, you don’t know fashion!!)


She is also an occasional writer, and a talented make-up artist that has worked on many photo-shoots, weddings, and campaigns.


If defined by literal terms, a Spinster is unattached.


This woman, is someone who has definitely attached and connected to the most creative & wonderful facets of the fashion industry, allowing her  to evolve creatively and provide you, our readers, with her personal experiences & advice.


Check out her interview below!

1) What is your favorite thing about your job?My favourite thing about my internship at FASHION Magazine is that I have the opportunity to watch my Beauty Director in her job. To be able to watch and learn from a woman whom I admire is something I don’t take for granted. The way I see it, if I develop my skills by watching what she does, then tailor my new skills to my personality, then I’ll have plenty of reason to be confident in myself and my ability.

I’d be lying by omission if I didn’t also mention how madly, deeply in love I am with the beauty closet. Every morning I unlock the door and breath it in it’s glory.


2) What drives you to be involved in this wonderful world of Fashion/Art/Design?I think it’s an inherent desire. Either it developed in your youth, or it didn’t. I’ve always been obsessed with makeup; it’s always been my “thing”. Once I found an avenue to follow towards a career that could support my inherent desire, I didn’t have to search very hard for motivation.

3) What inspires you/Who inspires you? I have been inspired by the many, many magazines I’ve poured over throughout my life. I’m very visual and find creative inspiration in glossy publications, but also on the street. Living in Toronto, I’ve been exposed to many people with worldly beauty and observing the obvious and subtle differences between provides a constant source of intrigue.

I do admire a lot of people but I am mostly inspired by the woman I would like to become.

4) What is the greatest thing about being involved in Fashion? What is the worst?I am more connected to the beauty world but, of course, the two work very close to one another. One aspect I enjoy about fashion and beauty is that they must work cohesively to produce an overall image, or trend. I love how there is constant change.

The worst thing about fashion could only be the lack of funding to support creative minds. If there was enough money to hand every capable person, this would be a massively beautiful world.  (well said Rebecca!)

5) As a customer, what is it that customers want? I am not sure! I can only tell you what I want and that is a truly valuable product that has, ideally, been manufactured in North America using ethical methods for production.

6) If you could give our readers your top personal fashion tip-what would it be? Embrace your natural beauty and don’t try to change who are are. For example, if you were born with brown hair, don’t bleach it blonde. If you have fair skin, don’t spend hours in the tanning bed (or any, for that matter). Also, anybody who reads my blog knows that I am passionate about maintaining excellent eyebrows. Overplucking or intentionally working to change the natural shape of your arch may compromise the whole loveliness of your face.

7) Favourites:


-Shoe Designer?: I like Chloe shoes.

-Restaurant?: Le Select Bistro.

-Coffee Shop? b espresso bar on Queen E. makes excellent coffee and the staff are quite funny.

-Movie? This is almost impossible to answer but I especially love La Vie en Rose with Marion Cotillard

-Book? Catcher in the Rye

-Day of the week? Good ol’ Friday

8) What draws you to Pink Martini Collection as a label?

The jackets!
** Photo credit to Cavverhill Photography!**

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