Music and Vintage with Pink Martini Collection



Long live the vinyl record; and there cool vintage appearance. It all began in 1888 and a gentleman name Emile Berliner invented this awesome looking flat disc.

Tho, these days not everyone buys a vinyl just for the song, but for the albums jacket    ( cover ) which has mass appeal to add to your record collection. Throughout the years the music industry has been devoted to the preservation and appreciating the vinyl even more then the past. For it made a cultural impact it has had on society as a whole. Even to this day many stores, music professionals are promoting the vinyl record and the art associated with it. Believe it or not, vinyl records and the artist part of them have influenced society in many ways, which is why the music industry are encouraging the younger generation to engage & collect the vinyl.


If you are a vinyl lover, nothing will convince you that there is anything else pleasing to the ear and sounds better. The music industry is unpredictable, strange and always changing,  so anything could happen. One things for sure is that vinyl will remain the gold of music, it was created to be the human ear’s best friend.

Stay vintage and love music which influenced fashion trends just like it did with           Pink Martini Collection just because You Heard It Through The Grapevine……….

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