Our Favourite Home Decor Ideas

Who doesn’t love the idea of curling up on the couch with a hot tea, but why not make that under a Bedouin tent or lush twinkling canopy bed instead. We want to share some of our favourite ways to make your home feel like an exotic paradise or even just super cozy. Your living space is like a safe haven, and it’s also a direct reflection of your personality (much like your fashion choices). It’s all in what colour scheme you choose, placement of furniture, and the accessories you use. Here are some examples of our favourite home decor ideas!

Bohemian Design

Draping fabrics, colourful trinkets, and patch work are some of the ways to give your space an earthy boho chic vibe. Use throw pillows (decorative and colourful) on beds and couches to add comfort. You can even create a seating area on the ground entirely made up of pillows, and then drape some fabric from above (just use ceiling hooks)  to create a Bedouin tent feel. Opt for a vibrant and warm tone colour scheme, and add small details by hanging trinkets (or even scarves and jewelry) on the walls.

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For inspiration look to places such as Morocco, India, Arabia, Peru, and historic Gypsy culture.


Twinkling Lights

There is something magical about a starry summer night that makes us all feel good, so why not bring that home? There are several ways of adding that romantic feel to your home. Grab lights that are sold as long strands from any hardware store in any colour you want (we suggest white because you’ll never get tired of it). Now just choose where you want them and use hooks to hang them up. You can drape them on the wall, from the ceiling, or even thread them through your headboard. The instant warm glow they give will make you never want to leave your room.

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We hope these tips are helpful for creating the perfect atmosphere for your space! Check out our Pinterest for a lot more of our favourite spaces.



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