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British Invasion with PMC

It’s time for you to grab your ‘classics‘, throw on some Sperrys and tattoo yourself in

Striking Pose with Net A La Mode

When Madonna coined the term “Strike a Pose” in the mid 1980’s she did it for

Falling in love with this…

I saw this on, and thought it was too cool to hide from you. In

Pink Martini Collection Fall’11 Preview

First comes Fall then Winter Winds…

First comes Fall…then…Winter Winds and winter coats…boots, jackets. (Okay, it’s a stretch) But this song is

AbraCadabra: Getting Enchanted with Pink Martini

  “Moil and munder, foil and blunder, sound of thunder…Here we go: Pastels, silks, crochet, knits

Back to work with Pippa and Rosey in The Swing Coat

PMC’s Paper Doll Pippa is taking us back to work in our The Swing Coat, from

Horsing around LouLou in the Equestrian Cape

The Equestrian Cape is featured in a gorgeous shoot in this month’s LouLou mag. Featured above,

Feeling Ladylike with LouLou in PMC’s The Equestrian Cape

Pink Martini’s Pippa wears The Cross Ruffle Dress

Here’s a little history on Pink Martini Collection’s Pippa and why she is so darn special.

PMC Adds Sparkle with Little Black Sequins

Style Blogger, Jane of Little Black Sequins is wearing Pink Martini’s The Bloor Street Blazer (featured

We’ll Knit you a Sweater. Make you Feel Better. Make you Feel Free…

“I want to have fun. I want to shine like the sun. I want to be

Springing for Fall with California Love

Paul Stork, at Showroom 309 sent us these rock’in pics of Pink Martini soaking up some

Felicity & Fritz likes their Martini PINK

Tweet! Tweet! We just got a sweet little treat…or shall we say tweet…from boutique blogger Felicity

Pink Martini on Pinterest: Artsy Love

Check out Pink Martini Collection on Pinterest. We’re loving the melange of vintage, bohemian and artsy