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Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 3.39.26 PMPink Martini Collection; aime cuisiner and excited to prepare wonderful dishes for the upcoming festivities. Today we put together a simple but healthy dish to start the holidays right. A bistro classic! 

From the kitchen we have the lovely refreshing and healthy recipe called the “Salad Niçoise” (pronounced nee-suaz) that derives from Nice, France. However, there is no exact ingredients but this salad that is composed with many yummy in the tummy ingredients which makes a great starter.

These include tuna, anchovies ( amazing!! ), boiled eggs, black olives, sliced tomatoes, green beans and potatoes with olive oil topped. This salad takes some time to prepare and whether you like your salad raw or cooked its up to you.

The salad is also easier when you set up and chop all your ingredients before you place them together. It’s the best when you prepare it with vegetables from the market, not a big deal if not.

nicoise salad1 lowres

A salad that is famous all over the world, if you ever take a trip to Nice, France you can see it yourself of how beautiful the dish really is. Tout implement délicieux!!  


For a more complex recipe of Salad Nicoise, you can go here

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