Pink Martini Collection Goes Pro with Hair

Pink Martini Collection Goes Pro with Hair

Pink Martini Collection goes pro with hair and wants to give you proper details to learn to maintain a gorgeous head.

How often do you wash your hair depends on the texture and amount of hair you have. If you have fine and thin hair, you need to wash it almost everyday or every other day at least. Thicker and fuller hair; curly and coarser hair, you should wash your hair like twice a week max, even once a week is golden. Not everyone should wash there hair everyday or once a week with shampoo.

Take it easy on the amount of shampoo you squeeze out the bottle, you only need a quarter size amount. The whole head does not need to be fully lathered all in foam, just add some warm water to spread it into your roots. This should increase the lather and fully shampoo your hair, let it sit on your head for a few minutes.

This is key!! Do not wash your hair in hot water because hot water opens up the follicle and makes it susceptible to dryness and breakage. Always shampoo and condition your hair under lukewarm water then switch to cold water to close the hair follicle cause that will give it shine.

This may sound weird but changing your hair products monthly actually makes a difference for the better but you can always revert back to your older products too.

One last suggestion; consider using a hair mask in replacement of conditioner. Hair masks make up for many good reasons such as colour protectors and hydration.

Here is a list of the popular hair products brands.

1.   Bumble and Bumble_ Seaweed Shampoo  s1269992-main-hero-300










2. Briogeo   Be Gentle, Be Kind _ Avocado + Quinoa Co – Washs1644517-main-hero-300










3. Agave _ Restorative Hydrating Mask s1629435-main-hero-300

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