Fun facts about Woodstock 1969 (with pictures)

Woodstock title The Woodstock 1969 art and music fair left an incredible impact on the memories and hearts of music lovers everywhere. Unfortunately, some facts about this epic event have been lost with time. Catch up on these true facts about the three-day love-fest.

1.  The Woodstock festival didn’t actually take place in Woodstock. The festival organizers had originally wanted to hold the event in or near the village of Woodstock, New York, but they couldn’t find a suitable location that was available to host the concert. Instead, dairy farmer Max Yasgur agreed to allow them to have the festival on his property in the nearby town of Bethel.Woodstock 2

2 During the three days of the Woodstock festival, there were luckily no incidents of any sort of violence or deaths among the crazy amount of people (half a million!) in the crowds. However, many people claim to have been conceived at the Woodstock festival.Woodstock-1969

3. A four-hour film called Woodstock won best documentary Oscar in 1970. Since then, the movie has been re-released several times with added concert footage and extras. It was directed by Michael Wadleigh, and a young Martin Scorsese served as an assistant director and film editor.WOODSTOCK

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